What is Warzone 2100 Battleplan

Battleplan is a competitive multiplayer mod for Warzone 2100. It keeps some basic design concepts from the original game, but simplifies them. Build your tanks from 4 propulsion types, 12 bodies and 33 turrets, and throw them into the battle.

A game should last between 5 to 20 minutes. It offers a lot of choices directly from start and provides a flat and limited tech tree. The game design tries to focus on the battle even with only basic knowledge of the game, and keeps some subtleties in the figures.

Screenshot of the game

Still a Work In Progress

Although the basic principles are set and the mod is fully playable, there are still plenty of tests and balancing to be done.

If you are interested, please send comments and/or replays either on Warzone 2100 official Discord server (check the thread in #mods), Cup'n Plate Games Discord server or contact me directly (see at the bottom of the page for contact info).

Compatibility with other mods

As a lot of things were changed, removed or sometime added. Most of the mods made for vanilla Warzone 2100 won't be compatible with Battleplan.

Maps made for the original game may show errors or play weirdly because of VTOL and artillery changes.

The built-in AIs also cannot play Battleplan. Only Nullbot was adapted for this mod.