Alpha 10
October 26, 2022

Alpha 10 continues with the speed review and trying to make each weapon class more distinguishable. With Warzone 2100 4.3 now released, Battleplan is compatible with this new version only.

Unit changes

Weights were reviewed again to revert to a speed closer to alpha 8 for wheels and tracks. Which was generally slower. The weight factor is still there, making hovers a lot less fast than they were then. They still are faster than wheels, but heavy weighted hover tanks are not faster than light wheeled ones.

VTOLs now have more HP. They were often one-shot, it requires a little more now but they are still quickly taken down by anti-air weapons.

Weapon updates

All weapons now have 100% accuracy at all ranges. It was initially there to reduce the effectiveness of machineguns at long range and rockets at short range. But it didn't changed that much and included some luck in the balance. With ranges with more differences between weapons and no upgrades, I removed it.

Machinegun update

Machinegun damage was reduced, especially the T3 version. With lower damage and less rate of fire for T3. They are still good against smaller tanks or cheap bodies. Which is their role and force your opponent to build more expensive units, outrange flamers or catch rockets. Flamer update

The splash damage was removed. It made the flamers damage more themselves than doing area damage. They now fire continuously to ease positioning them and their damage was increased with a slightly shorter range. But they damage against building is now ridiculous.

Cannon update

They anti-building role was increased. With a better bonus against structure, lower damage against units and a HP buff. You should be able to send some right into the defenses, ignoring damage and open a breach in the static defenses. Or use them as mobile walls to protect other units. Rocket update

Rockets now fire multiple times, twice for T1, 4 times for T2 and 6 times for T3. With a better range at T1 and still almost no HP, they role is clearly about hit'n running. They now outrange every same-tier tower (but not artillery, obviously).

Artillery update

Howitzers are slightly less effective at very long range, with projectiles with a lower flight speed. You could be able to avoid some shots with fast units.

Mortar splash area was increased, especially at T1, making them useful. They are now medium weighted to make them more mobile with their rather short range compared to howitzers and have have a chance of retreating.

Sensor update

The basic sensor was reworked to act as a cheap and fast unarmed scout. Because you can use any unit to command artillery fire manually or any tower for emplacements. Their weight is now light and their cost is almost divided by 4.

The other sensors are also cheaper, with more HP for the counter-battery version, because they have to stand under fire.

Upgrade update

The upgrades were fixed to give around a 35% efficiency bonus once the 3 weapon upgrades are researched. A miscalculation made them nearly 50% more efficient in fact. The upgrades still not really affect VTOLs and this can be considered a bug, but there are still a lot of thing to change for them.

AI changes

NullBot build order was updated to use less pulse guns and build things maybe a little more rationally according to their number of derricks. The AIs should play better by creating more powerful units, but in the same way than before. Starting options

The recommended starting option was shifted to start with small base. You still start with a command center, a power generator and two derricks, it is now just not called no base to avoid confusion. No base now removes all structures with extra starting power, and advanced base keeps everything on the map.

Map changes

With some changes within the map compiler, cliff textures are now oriented better, but are still ugly. This will be fixed later, it doesn't changes the gameplay.

The high cliff of Highground Pass just in front of the bases was made less abrupt. It steepness hid some units with the default camera angle. The oil patch there was slightly moved one tile to the side to have more space. The ground under the patches was also flattened. It doesn't change a lot, but it should be more playable.

Training Mounds was changed more. With the lakes in the center now moved at the base of the central cliff, so there are more distance between the nearby derricks, except for hovers that have one more place to shine with all that rather tight spaces. Speaking of tight spaces, the central area is now narrower, with cliffs near the 2 derricks on each side. The derricks there were moved back closer to the base. There are still rather opened areas at some places, but more choking points to be able to put defenses and use the heights for some hide and seek games.

Detailed patch note

Weapons and bodies update

  • Body power output 6000/12000/24000->6000/9000/12000
  • Body weight 300/600/1200->300/450/600
  • Ultra light turret weight 60->180
  • Light turret weight 150/300/600->335/500/670
  • Medium turret weight 211/422/843->475/735/955
  • Heavy turret weight 282/565/1130->675/1015/1355
  • Wheels weight 100%->120%, speed modifier 20->21
  • Hover weight 30%->20%, speed modifier 20->23
  • Tracks weight 150%->200%, speed modifier 20->21

Units update

  • Use propulsion models for Warzone 2100 4.3
  • All weapon accuracy 90/95->100%
  • Fix weapon upgrades for roughly +33% efficiency (was +45%)
  • Machinegun damage 17/24/32->17/22/27
  • Machinegun 3 firepause 3->4
  • Flamer damage 30/47/80->10/18/33
  • Flamer fire pause 10->2
  • Flamer range 2.5/3.25/4->2/2.5/3
  • VTOL Flamer rounds 2->10
  • Flamer flight speed 5.5->5
  • Removed splash for flamers
  • Cannon HP 130/360/720->150/400/1000
  • Cannon damage 28/36/48->26/34/45
  • Cannon damage against buildings except bunkers 135%->150%
  • Rocket range 6/7/8->6.5/7.25/8
  • Rocket short range 4/4.5/5->5/5.75/6.5
  • Fix AA rocket 3 and VTOL AA rocket 3 range (was 7)
  • Rocket damage 30/44/59->30/34/40
  • Rocket fire pause 1->4
  • Rocket reload time 14->28
  • Rocket num rounds 1/1/1->2/4/6
  • Howitzers base flight speed 16->12
  • Fix howitzers short range 6->8
  • Mortar splash radius 0.5/1/1.5->1/1.375/1.75
  • Mortar range and flight speed 10/12/14->10/11.5/13
  • Ground mortar weight heavy->medium
  • VTOL HP +0%->+50%
  • Sensor T1 weight heavy->light, cost 225->60, HP 0->20
  • CB sensor cost 225->120, HP 0->80
  • Wide spectrum cost 510->240
  • Fix missile 2 subclass (was rocket)
  • Fix howitzer 2 firePause to 28 (was 25)
  • Use missile projectile for AA missiles

NullBot update

  • Fix some non blocking errors
  • Update build order (gen, pads, facto, def, oil, extra, def+, default)
  • Add laser satellite
  • Use less pulse
  • Fix research path for howitzer upgrades

Starting options update

  • Advanced bases: keep all buildings on map
  • Bases: as previously no base (CC, power gen, 2 derricks)
  • No bases: remove all buildings
  • Always remove defenses