Alpha 12, maps and visual changes
February 18, 2023

This release is mostly centered around maps, with changes brought to the png map compiler and the support for symmetrical feature placement from csv files.

Map changes

Three 1v1 maps, Ember Canyon, Channel Docks and Hill Sides are included in the additional map pack and the map pool for the online leagues was updated.

The Builder league still focuses on medium to large maps, keeping Vision and Roughness and adding Ember Canyon, Hill Sides and a 1v1 version of Training Mounds.

The Fighter league contains all maps for Battleplan. Vision and Roughness are removed in favor of less linear maps.

High Ground Pass now includes more features, trees and buildings as well. All of them are now visible from start, so you don't have to memorise where the oil patches are located from the map preview.

Utility researches

The non-offensive researches now cost less for their first step, matching the upgrade costs. So they can be used earlier and support your army instead of requiring as much as a new or enhanced weapon.

The wall research cost was reduced from 300 to 200. As before, they also automatically unlock bunkers. Tank traps and walls could soak a huge amount of damage but were rather long to build. Their HP was reduced as well as their building cost to make them more easy to build and use.

The repair path is much shorter, with the repair research cost reduced from 300 to 200, heavy repair from 450 to 300 and the autorepair from 600 to 400. As most of the time there are few opportunities for a unit to retreat, the repair didn't looked to be much interesting instead of upgrading your main weapon or increasing the body hit points.

The sensors are mostly long range scouts, so the research cost was reduced, from 300 to 200, CB sensor from 450 to 300 and the wide spectrum/laser satellite command was untouched. So it can come faster but still costs a lot to build.

Visual changes

There are now more visual differences between weapons from the same branch. T1 missile and rockets were shrinked and T3 enlarged, so you better see the difference outside their damage.

T3 missile turret was updated to be more distinctive from the T2 version, with longer and wider tubes.

T1 and T3 howitzers were changed too. The T1 cannon is much shorter and thinner to match the size of small bodies and be more different from the T2 variant. Even if the T3 was already different with their 3 barrels, they were merged into a single heavy one with a wider base to better reflect the power versus rate of fire effect. As for the T1 version, it match the large body size better.

Full changelog

Gameplay changes

  • Missiles type direct->homing direct (no miss)
  • Rocket flight speed 1280->1536
  • Missile flight speed 1536->1792
  • Removed feature armour
  • All features are visible from start
  • Fix OldFactory, Tree1, Tree2, TreeSnow1 and TreeSnow2 blocking too much tiles
  • Wall, sensor, repair research cost 300->200
  • Heavy repair, CB sensor research cost 450->300
  • Autorepair research cost 600->400
  • Tank trap HP 300->200
  • Wall HP 1500->850
  • Gate HP 1200->680
  • Wall/Gate cost 200->120
  • Fix MG1 and tower MG2 accuracy (100%)
  • Fix starting T4 tech

Visual changes

  • Rocket T1 projectile is smaller, rocket 3 larger
  • Missile T1 and Howitzer T1 projectile are smaller, T3 larger
  • T3 missile tubes are larger and longer
  • T1 howitzer turret is smaller, T3 howitzer is single barrelled with larger back and cover panel
  • Fix new template preview from 4.3.3

Map changes

  • Added Ember Canyon, Channel Docks, Hill Sides, Training Mounds (1v1)
  • Added trees and buildings to High Ground Pass
  • Added Ember Canyon, Hill Sides and Training Mounds to the Builder league map pool
  • Removed Vision and Roughness from the Fighter league map pool
  • Added Ember Canyon, Channel Docks, Hill Sides and Training Mounds to the Fighter league map pool