Hosting news, 2vE medium, Fighter replays
February 20, 2023

2vE Medium

After enabling server statistic about the number of game played for each room, a new one is opened for 2vE which has the most game played. The Hard AIs can be rather easily defeated with little cooperation once you know how the game works and the flaws in how the AI plays. But it can still be very harsh when you don't exploit those flaws and they don't let you try things. A new room is opened with the same rules, but with Medium AIs instead of Hard. The Medium AI plays the same way as the Hard one, except it doesn't get the energy boost as if they had a power module (which they cannot build).

Enabling server replays for the Fighter league

The Builder and Fighter leagues are played roughly the same amount, which isn't that much. To be able to check if the distinction between Builder and Fighter leagues is useful, the replays on the Bp 1v1 Fighter league game are now stored on the server to be able to analyze them afterward. But they are not available to download.

Those replays will be checked first to make sure the distinction is used as intended and doesn't spread the players, and will be later used to tweak the balance. There is currently no plan in recording the other rooms.

The privacy policy was updated on the community page to reflect that change.

Removing the default player's rating

When a player is not registered and assigned a rank for Battleplan, the game uses a default ranking system. This ranking doesn't reflect how much Battleplan was played, as well as roughly giving some information about the amount of games played for vanilla Warzone 2100.

Because it isn't really reliable and can be confusing about the original meaning, this automatic ranking was removed for hosted games. There are still no simple and automatic way to register your profile and assign yourself a league and rank though.