Download Warzone 2100

Battleplan is a multiplayer mod for Warzone 2100. You must install Warzone 2100 first. The game is available for free on the official website. The Steam version is an unofficial build without any contact from the Warzone 2100 development team.

Battleplan 2 started on Warzone 2100 version 3.3.0 and runs on 3.4.0. It is not compatible with Warzone 2100 4.0.0 yet.

Hosting games

To play singleplayer matches against the A.I. or host a multiplayer game, you must download and enable a few mods. This multiplayer mod is broken into 3 individual mods. The modified game data, graphics and music.

To install mods, download them and put the archive file (without uncompressing it) in the autoload directory. Music mods should be placed into music instead of autoload. Those directory resides in different places according to your OS and installation mode. If you installed older version of the mods, make sure to delete or move the previous version out of autoload.

While the modes are in autoload, they will be enabled for every game you create. To disable them and play the regular game, move them outside autoload. Mods stored directly in mods are never loaded for example.

The autoload directory is located in different places according to your OS:

For the music mod, put it into music instead of autoload.

Opening ports

If you want to play across the Internet, you must either enable UPnP or forward port 2100 TCP from your router to your machine. When this is not done correctly, you will still be able to create a game but noone will be able to join.

Starting a game

To create a game, select Multiplayer > Host in the main menu and configure your game. Once you click on Start the server it will be listed in the lobby and can be joined by IP too.

Game options

Configuring the game

The game options are on the left panel. Once Start the server is clicked, it cannot be changed anymore.

The first group is the general game informations:

The second group holds gameplay options:

Player options

You can select your own colour by clicking on your flag on the right. The host can move players in different slots by clicking on their name.

The host can assign slots for players or A.I. By default all slots are Opened

In team games, the host can assign slots to a team by clicking on the team icon on the left of the player's flag.

The game will automatically start when all the players' slot are ready, either being an A.I. or when Ready is checked for all players.

Joining a game

When joining a game, the mods are downloaded from the host. It may take a lot more time than shown in the progress bar. So even if it seems that all mods are downloaded, please wait until you get an other notification. While the download is not finished, even if you click on Ready the host won't see you as ready.

Music mods are not shared and must be installed locally to be available. Multiple players can then use different music mods according to their likings.