Gaining energy

Energy is converted from oil by power generators. Each generator can convert oil from 4 derricks anywhere on the map. Derricks are automatically assigned to power generators.

A power module can be build on a power generator. It will increase it's power production by 50% but will overcharge and damage itself over time. Once build, a full unit of production (two trucks) should be constantly repairing the generator to prevent the explosion.

Spending energy

Building structures, producing units or researching cost energy. The whole amount of energy is spent before the production or research can start.

Production bars

When you don't have enough energy to start a production or research, the progress bar is green and the number above indicates how much energy is missing to start the production. When multiple production are queued, the number shows the total amount required before it can start.

Once the energy is consumed, the bar becomes yellow and the remaining time is shown above. At that point no more energy is required until the production finishes. In Battleplan, the production time is always proportional to the energy consumed.

The bottom bar indicates your stored energy. When it is positive, you have energy in storage that will be used for the next production or research. When it is negative, it indicates that at least one production or research is blocked. Then it shows how much energy is required to start everything. Try to keep it rather low but always positive to produce things as smoothly as possible.

Unit of production

A unit of production is defined by the ratio 10 energy for 1 second. 2 derricks in normal power mode can sustain one unit of production (i.e. provide 10 energy per second). By the time the production is finished, its cost in energy has been generated and the production can be repeated without any delay nor storing excess energy. Below is a table converting facilities to unit of productions.

Facility UoP
Generator with 2 derricks (normal energy mode) 1
Generator with 3 derricks (low energy mode) 1
Generator with 3 derricks (high energy mode) 2
Generator with module and 4 derricks (normal energy mode) 3
Construction truck 0.5
Research lab 0.5
Research lab with a module 1
Factory 1
Factory with one module 2
Factory with 2 modules 3
Repair free