How to play

Controlling units

Mouse mode

Warzone 2100 has two control styles. The style can be selected in Options > Mouse options > Invert mouse buttons.

When disabled, use the left mouse button to select units and give orders. The right mouse button deselect units or cancel the placement of a building.

When enabled, use the left mouse button to select units and validate the placement of a building. Use the right mouse button to order units.


To move units, either click on the ground or on the minimap. The units will go to the desired spot while firing when a target comes at range when they can (with a rotative turret), but they won't stop to destroy targets. When using the inverted mouse button mode, left clicking on a friendly target makes the unit follow it. This is not possible to do with the default mouse style.

To perform an attack-move, hold Alt while clicking. The units will go to the desired spot but will stop to fight enemies on the road. When holding Alt on friendly targets, it allows to order forced fire.

To patrol, either open the unit command panel and click on the patrol button or press the associated keyboard shortcut (Q by default). The select the desired location. The unit will patrol between it's current position and the desired position

To queue orders, hold Shift while giving orders.

The unit control panel

The command panel

The behaviour of each unit can be modified with the unit control panel. To open it, right click on a selected unit or press the associated keyboard shortcut (Numpad 0 by default). This panels shows the current behaviour and can be changed.

When opening the unit control panel of a facility, it will set the default behaviour of the units produced from this facility.

Preferred range

Each weapon has 3 ranges, minimal, short and maximal range. The preferred range in the first line of the command panel select at which range the unit will stop when engaging battle. Weapons generally have better accuracy at close range.

Retreat mode

The second line defines when the unit shall automatically retreat. Units will retreat to the closest repair facility or the command centre if there are none. If a unit is selected while it starts retreating, it is automatically unselected.

Fire mode

The third line allows to prevent the unit from firing in some situations.

Defend mode

This fifth line defines how the unit should react when an enemy comes nearby.

Quick orders

The last two lines are shortcuts to predefined orders:

Unit selection

Control panels

The control panel selector

There are five control panels that can be selected from the bottom-left panel or with keyboard shortcuts. Each buttons on the ring opens a panel, the button in the center close them.

Production panel

The topmost button (or F1 with the default shortcuts) opens the production panel. It will list all your factories at the bottom of the screen with their current production and let you assign a production queue with the panel on the left. At least one facility is required for the panel to be available.

Left-clicking on an unit design will add one to the production queue. Right clicking will remove one. The repeat button allows to produce the entire queue multiple time. Clicking on it will cycle it from 1 to 9, and infinite.

To hold production, right-click on the unit produced in the bottom bar. Right-click on it again to cancel it and return the consumed energy. Left-click on it to resume the production.

Research panel

The top-right button (or F2 with the default shortcuts) opens the research panel. It lists the available research topics on the left and the research labs on the bottom.

Click on a topic to start researching it in the selected lab. Right click on a topic to stop the current research and right click it again to pause it. When a research is paused, the laboratory can research an other topic. The energy spent is not returned back and the progress is saved until the topic is researched again.

Construction panel

The bottom-right button (or F3 with the default shortcuts) opens the construction panel. Selecting a construction truck also opens this panel. It lists the available structures to be built. When no construction truck is selected, one of the available one will be assigned to the construction. Modules must be constructed on the according basic structure.

Demolishing a structure will return half of the energy when the trucks have finished unmounting the structure.

Design panel

The bottom button (or F4 with the default shortcuts) opens the design panel. It shows the list of designed units on the left, the design preview in center and the components on the right.

The design screen

Only three of the small bodies are available from start and weapon turrets must be researched. The four propulsions are all available from start.

To create a new design, click on the first element on the left panel. To edit an existing one, click on it. When a design is edited, the current production is continued and the future production is updated if the facility can produce the new design.

When a design is saved, it will be automatically designed in future games when all the components are available.

The preview panels shows the tank and various properties. Just below the preview are the energy cost and the health points of the tank with this design. The properties below varies based upon which component is being selected. You can navigate between the three components by clicking on the in the preview window. When a component is already selected, a red bar appears on the property bars when hovering an other component to compare to the current design.

When selecting the body, the armour, engine power and body weight are shown. Engine power and body weight are the same for every body of the same size.

When selecting the propulsion, on-road and off-road or flight speed are shown as well as the propulsion weight, in tile per second. This will decrease when a turret is selected but shows the current speed once one was set.

When selecting a turret, it shows maximum range in tiles, raw damage per hit, rate of fire in shots per minute and the weight of the turret alone. Sensor range is shown for sensor turrets and production or repair capacity for trucks and repair turrets.

Information panel

The bottom-left button (or F5 with the default shortcuts) opens the information panel. It shows the best spotted unit for each player, allow to give energy or units to allies, shows score and some other informations.

Basic objectives

To win the game, you have to destroy your opponent's army and the production facilities. First, you will require an army. But to be able to build an army, you'll require some weapons.

When starting a game, you have at least a power generator and two construction trucks. The first structures you must build are a factory and some derricks. A research lab will help running on the long term. There are generally four oil patch in your base to build derricks upon. To begin, you could assign both of your trucks to build a factory and then go building the four derricks.

Use the spare time to design your first scout. The bug hover scout is the cheapest and fastest unit, bug track scout will sustain way more damage and will be better to defend your base. Right click on the repeat button to be constantly producing units.

Once the four fist derricks are built, you can sustain more production. Assign your trucks to build a research lab, and once finished research a real weapon. Machineguns can mix easily with scouts. Once you have enough energy, you can start building a second factory to keep up spending the energy your 4 derricks are providing.

Once finished, use one truck to build an other power generator and use the other one to go build derricks near your base. Produce a truck with the second factory then you should be able to queue machine gun viper wheels on both factories.

When the third construction truck is finished, use both those in your base to build a module to your power generator. They will stay near to constantly repair it. The last truck can construct a third factory, so with 7 or 8 derricks with a power module, you should be able to constantly produce from the two factories, researching (like the machinegun upgrades) and have still enough energy to continue building structures with your last truck.

What happen next is up to you. When your scout have spotted how things are going, you may attack once you have a few tanks available, use tracked leopards instead to defend, or hover bugs to pick some distant derricks or to rush the base for example.

If you see your energy bar constantly being full, you may play on low energy for some time to be more confortable with building structures, producing units and researching. Playing on low energy slows the game by providing less production units to manage at a time.

Once you are familiar with production, construction and research, you can start playing with tactics and advanced strategies while constantly increasing your income and production rate. Check the Guide. And have fun!