2 players maps


An asymetrical medium map a with moderate oil amount. The main bases contains 4 oil patches each, 2 other are located at the exit and three more are located on the outside. One center oil is contested on the top of the hill.

While the map is mostly long, artillery can still cover the main chokepoints from a single spot. Heavy reinforcements and VTOL strikes may still be a bit long to arrive.

The center of the map can be crossed through tree pathes, one at each side and one by crossing the hill. Each side can climb up the side cliffs from a ramp near the base and strike from the high-ground at the end of a long trip. The player starting at position 1 (on top) has access to 2 more ramps from the middle of the map.

The scavengers in the middle are blocking two of the middle paths, keeping one opened for scounting and rushing. The access to the side cliffs is not guarded either. They are keeping only the middle oil patch.

This map is bundled within the core game and wasn't modified. Due to its strong asymetry this map is not recommended for competitive play, but offers an interesting playground to discover the game.


A small slightly asymetrical map designed for early action in the remaining of a city. The main bases contains 2 oil patches, with two other slightly on the outside. 3 other on the center quickly becomes contested, often located right into the battlefield. One on each side can be taken on the top-right corner by each side but left in the open, with a slight advantage for the player at location 1 (top), one is on the bottom-left near water-chokepoints, player at location 0 (bottom) has a slight advantage to take it earlier.

The amount of buildings makes the early game micro-intensive for cat-and-mouse games around them. Once destroyed, they leave the place flat and open. The map is so tiny that 3rd-tier artillery can almost fire from base to base, but the open fields make it difficult to prevent hover strikes.

The scavergers guards the 3 derricks from the middle without blocking the path. One derrick on each corner stays free.

This map is bundled within the core game and wasn't modified. Due to it's slight asymetry this maps is not recommended for competitive play, but is interesting to play quick and action-heavy games.


An small almost fully symetrical map with low oil and a few paths. The main bases are protected by thin uncrossable cliffs and contains 2 oil patches. The chokepoint at the enter and the small area make it easy to defend the base from rushes but it still prevent the rushed player to access to the two other patches on the outside.

From there a single spot can cover the access from both ramps but the lakes still provide a large and opened access for hovers. The middle of the map is on high-ground with two ramps from each sides. Once on top small hills are accessible only from one side and the middle peak is uncrossable. Basically there are always two paths to access any point of the map, except the top-hills. The map being still small, artillery can support both access points, but the limited amount of oil make them an hard investment to keep.

The scavengers are keeping only the top-hill oil spots and bringing some annoying units. They could be kept to provide some experience or destroyed to focus on the opponent.

This map is bundled within the core game but one oil patch was moved from the center to the bottom of the side-ramp to spread key-locations on the whole map.

This map is suited for competitive play, while still being probably a little imbalanced at high-level play.


A large medium oil map with a lot of crossing paths. This map is designed for long play with a lot of macro and multi-tasking.

The main bases contains 4 oil patches, plus one right at the exit of the base. 5 other oil patches are scattered on each side, two on the main paths and the other inside small enclaves. One oil patch in the middle is to be contested.

The center of the map is composed of two longitudinal paths on each side, that can be crossed from three choke points, one in the middle and the other at the far end of the map. All of them can be defended from the high-grounds around. Once a breach is opened, three other paths leads to the enemy base.

This very large map let you play various strategy, from fortifying chokepoints, ground raids, sieging and aerial strikes at all the game stages.

This map is bundled within the core game but a lot of oil patches were removed and some displaced while keeping symetry.

This map is suited for competitive play.


A small symetric map on the side of hills that encourage artillery and VTOL play. 3 oil patches are located right inside the base, the fourth one is located on the outside but without opening any new ground front line, as well as for the fifth one. But the line becomes a bit larger at every step.

2 other patches are located a bit lower on the hill, that open a second ground front line. One more is located at the foot of the hill.

The last 2 derricks are located at the bottom between the hills. There are two ways up but artillery can cover both of them from one spot.

While the chokepoints can be easily defended with some heavy ground units, the large cliffs make a long way to counter artillery without counter-battery.