You can download the map pack for Battleplan on the Play page.

4 players maps

Green Tower

A small cooperative map, with a valuable high ground in the center, and routes on the sides.

The central high ground allows to check most of the paths and provides some oil bonus. The ways on the sides leads to more oil.

The starting base is small and can contain only the basic structures with a common access ramp. A small corridor allows a few units to enter or exit the bases unseen.

Training Mounds

A large cooperative map with a shared base area, open spaces in the middle and objectives on the sides.

The almost straight line from base to base keep the early action viable and concentrate most of the oil, while the other oil spread on the sides will provide an advantage when hold long enough.

This map concentrates most of the action on the diagonal between the bases with a few choke points and includes secondary objectives in wide area on the sides that are risky to take.