General principles

Structures are build by construction trucks. Like for unit and research, the required energy is consumed once a truck reaches the construction site. Multiple trucks can be assigned to the same construction site, each one augments the construction speed linearly.

Trucks can also repair damaged buildings and dismount any owned structure. When dismounted, half of the energy is returned.


Derricks can be constructed only on oil patches. There are generally 2 to 4 patches within the base, 2 nearby and a few more to contest. Derricks extract oil to fuel the power generators.

When a derrick is destroyed, the patch burns for some time. A new derrick can be built only once the fire extinguishes.

Each derrick can extract oil for 25 minutes before depletion. This lifetime is reduced when using a power module so the extracted energy remains the same. 25 minutes should be enough for most games, the depletion will have a significative impact only on very long games.

Base structures

Command Center

The command center is build from start. It is required to design tanks and is equipped with a decent radar to show the minimap.

Power generator

The power generators convert the oil from derricks to energy. One generator can convert oil from 4 derricks. When you don't have enough power generators, an alert is shown on your energy bar.

The power output changes with the game mode. With regular energy mode, a power generator with 2 derricks produces energy for one unit of production. On low energy mode, 3 derricks are required, while in high energy mode 3 derricks produces energy for 2 units of production.

You add a power module to a generator. It will increase the energy produced with the same amount of oil by 50% but will degrade over time. Two trucks should be assigned to constantly repair the module to prevent its explosion. And the generator doesn't provide any energy at all while the module is being built.

Research lab

The research lab allows to pursue researches. Multiple labs allow to pursue multiple research topics at once but cannot speed up the research of a single topic. A module doubles the research rate of a lab.

A research lab consumes half a unit of production when it is researching, a full unit with a module.


Factories produce tanks. Two modules can be added, each one adding 100% of the base production rate. In Battleplan, you don't need modules to produce larger tanks.

A factory consumes one unit of production without module, two with one module and three with two.

VTOL factory

VTOL factories produce VTOLs. They are the same as the factories but for aerial units.

VTOL rearming pad

VTOLs carry a limited amount of ammunition. Once it is depleted, a VTOL must land on a rearming pad to reload. It will do this automatically when a pad is free and return back to it's target if it is still valid. A pad can be shared between multiple VTOLs. Rearming pads do not repair VTOLs.

Laser Satellite Command Post

This structure is available once the laser satellite is researched, beside the wide spectrum sensor. Once charged, it allows to order a satellite strike anywhere on the map. Select the command post and pick a target to order a strike, and it will fire a few seconds after. When the structure is built, is comes half-charged.



Walls will block movement and line of fire of direct weapons. Artillery units fire above them as well as towers if the wall is not too far from them.

Tank traps

Tank traps are cheap and frail, but very fast to build and available from start.

Hardcrete walls

Hardcrete walls are available once researched. They are far more reliable than tank traps.

Hardcrete gates are less robust, but allows your units to go through. Once the door is opened, it cannot close itself while units, from any sides, are going through.


Towers are basic defenses available once a direct weapon is researched. They can fire above walls and bunkers when build near them. Towers gains +1 to their long range and +0.5 to their short range.

Sensor towers are regular towers with a sensor instead of a weapon. The lookout tower is available from start and can coordinate artillery fire. The sensor tower has a better range, the wide spectrum sensor has the widest cover.


Bunkers are tougher than towers, but without the range bonus. They cannot fire through other structures.


Emplacements are dedicated to artillery weapons. They are not as robust as towers and bunkers. Being indirect weapons, they can fire above almost anything, but units can still take cover behind high structures or terrain.

To fire at full range, emplacements must be built near a sensor tower, even if the area is visible from other buildings or units.

Repair facilities

Repair facilities can repair tanks and VTOLs. When units are ordered to retreat after taking a given amount of damage, they will seek a nearby repair facility. If none is built, they will retreat to the command centre.

Repair emplacement

This is an emplacement with a repair turret mounted on it. It acts like a mobile repair unit but at a fixed point and a bit more effective.

Repair facility

Larger than a repair emplacement, but twice as effective as an heavy repair turret.

Armour and damage

Structures take damage differently from tanks. They have no armour but a damage modifier is applied for each weapon class.

Weapon Class Derricks/Emplacements Base structures Towers/Walls Bunkers
Pulse guns 100% 100% 100% 100%
Machineguns 40% 30% 30% 20%
Flamers 15% 8% 8% 50%
Cannons 150% 150% 150% 150%
Missiles 60% 50% 50% 50%
Rockets 40% 30% 30% 20%
Mortars 100% 100% 100% 50%
Howitzers 60% 50% 50% 50%